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You can now take a virtual tour of Shanghai's historical buildings

VR and audio tours of some of the city's most iconic architecture

Photograph: Harry Jing via Unsplash
With most businesses and all schools remaining closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, the majority of folks have been staying indoors to keep themselves occupied by streaming movies, exercising and the like. Now you can add online city tours to the list of things you can do while waiting out the virus.

The Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration recently announced its latest project, which aims to let people enjoy Shanghai's rich architectural and cultural history from the comfort of their own home. Several districts are offering various online tours showcasing their historical buildings – Jingan's Moller Villa, Xuhui's Historical Conservation Zone and much more, totaling several hundred buildings to view, along with blurbs on each building's history.

Click here for a virtual tour of historical buildings in Jingan, or click here for an audio tour of buildings in Xuhui (in English or Chinese). Scan the QR code below for a virtual tour of Huangpu's buildings.

Online tours bring Shanghai history home

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