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Bilingual assistants are now available at Hongqiao Railway Station

The volunteers are helping foreigners register their health status and recent travels during the COVID-19 outbreak

Photograph: K Hsu via Unsplash
The chunyun travel period has pretty much come to an end, though in an effort to manage the spread of COVID-19, returnees to Shanghai via Hongqiao Railway Station will have an extra step to go through upon arrival. According to SHINE, locals and foreigners alike will have to register their recent travels and health status once they've returned to Shanghai.

Fortunately, the metro station has brought on nearly four dozen bilingual volunteers to help any laowai who may have difficulty understanding the registration process in Chinese, which includes filling out a health statement form and registering via the designated app, Healthcare Cloud. The volunteers come from a broad background, from English-speaking government officials to teachers from bilingual schools.

With the city taking such stringent measures to protect its inhabitants, hopefully, it's only a matter of time before this epidemic is a thing of the past.

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