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Shanghai is rolling out personalised QR codes to safeguard entry to public spaces

You may have already been asked to show the code while trying to enter some of the Lujiazui offices

Photograph: Yu Zhiming
Shanghai is taking great efforts to prevent COVID-19 from spreading – masks on all public transport, temperature checks everywhere, mandatory health info registration upon entering Shanghai and now the Shanghai QR Code.

The QR codes come in three colours: green, yellow or red. Green means that you’re basically free to go anywhere in the city, while people who receive yellow and red are advised not to go out in public and consult medical experts as soon as possible. The result is based on data gathered by the National and Municipal Public Administrations.

The QR code can be generated an unlimited number of times a day, and a new QR code is generated under your request. The city is planning to restrict access to public areas if the QR code shows colours other than green. We’re talking entering community compounds, visiting parks, accessing restaurants, office buildings, banks, hospitals and more.

According to the Shanghai Municipal Information Office, all Shanghai residents are advised to have their Shanghai QR Code at hand, which includes people from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other countries.


There are a few ways to get your personalised Shanghai QR Code. We recommend getting it via Alipay, as it’s easiest. You should have a banner (see above) that will lead you directly to the QR generator page. If not, search ‘suishenban’ or ‘随申办’ in the search bar, give permission to the app for some personal info and there you have it.

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