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IKEA has revealed the recipe for its famous meatballs so you can make it at home

Tables, chairs, shelves and, now, meatballs

Photograph: Cat Nelson 
More than just its furniture pieces, Ikea has recently introduced its DIY concept into its food offerings as well. Aside from assembling your own cupboard, you can channel an endless Ikea Saturday by recreating the shop's iconic meatballs inside your very own kitchen. The Swedish homeware store has shared the recipe for the meatballs, and the good news is that they seem easier to construct than a set of shelves.

Ikea meatballs

The instructions, which look just like the kind you got with your Billy bookshelf, include how to make the beef and pork balls for four as well as the creamy sauce they sit in. All you need to do is add a potato side of your choice (and some lingonberry jam, if you’re lucky enough to have some).

Close your eyes and you can almost hear the beep of the tills and the whispered end of a hundred passive-aggressive arguments.

By Ellie Walker-Arnott

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