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Ready-made Sunday: DJ Jane 'Siesta' Tan's favourite spots around Jiaotong University

The drum 'n' bass doyenne-turned-pie maker on where she likes to hang out at the weekend

Photograph: Unchained Asia, courtesy Jane Tan
Need some weekend inspiration? Pie Society owner and drum 'n' bass DJ Jane 'Siesta' Tan shares her top places to hang out around her neighbourhood.

11am: Breakfast
I'm currently doing intermittent fasting which means I skip breakfast and do brunch at 11. Usually, it's an easy eggs-and-soy-milk-meal at home, but on Sundays, I tend to get my morning walk in, before popping into City Shop to pick up some groceries and baked goods, and if I feel like treating myself, a piece of Fascino Bakery's fig bread.

10.use-Luneurs Xingfuli
Photograph: courtesy Luneurs

11.30am: Coffee break
I always walk through Xingfu Li as I live just opposite it, it’s got so many little gems I feel like I don’t need to venture far. On my way home I usually stop at Luneurs for a quick coffee – if I can get a seat that is! Sunday's always jam-packed there. If not, I’ll grab it to go.

1.30pm: Lunch
At the moment, my favourite lunch spot is this little Japanese curry spot Dr Curry on Huaihai Lu. Their fruity curry can be a bit sweet for a lot of people, but I do appreciate a made-from-scratch roux. It's such a guilty pleasure and I often order extra curry gravy. There's a meal deal on Dianping: 98RMB for a veggie curry, menchi katsu and milk tea. Cheat day done.

10.use-dr curryWechatIMG1508 1
Photograph: courtesy Dr Curry

3.30pm: Tea, scones and chill
Back to my 'crib' – Pie Society, the Xingfu Lu branch. My friends and I do our weekly catch-up here over some strong Yorkshire tea and scones, or a couple of beers and snacks like sausage rolls, chips and gravy.

7.30pm: Massage
I get my weekly massage and moxibustion at Jing Mai (经脉养生推拿) on Taian Lu. Moxibustion is a type of heat therapy where dried and crushed plants, moxa, are burned near the surface of the skin – I had been a sceptic for the longest time, but since starting the therapy I’ve found it really soothing. The massage is great for my shoulders and neck, too.

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