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Ready-made Sunday: Matt Hildebrandt aka Frau's favourite spots around Changshu Lu

The co-founder of music projects China Social Club and NTS Radio Shanghai as well as natural wine label Wine Lips tells us what's good around Changshu Lu on a Sunday

Portrait: courtesy Robert Nilsson
Want to make the most of your Sundays? The co-founder of music projects China Social Club and NTS Radio Shanghai as well as natural wine label Wine Lips, Frau, gives us his lowdown on how to end the weekend with a bang.

Waking up to the iPhone default alarm after a sleep in from Saturday clubbing at either Elevator or ALL, I walk to my kitchen, starry eyed and grind up coffee I have pre-ordered from Coffee Is on Xiangyang Nan Lu. Breakfast is a fry up, pancakes or just muesli and a banana. All ordered from either Hema or Aldi during the week – Aldi’s Rye seeded loaf is the best value bread in the city.

Realising I’m hungry and can’t survive on bread, I consider visiting RAC on Anfu Lu but plans are withdrawn as I remember it’s Sunday and I’m not prepared to wait an hour for a galette. As hunger overcomes me, I ask my partner what she wants and we agree to order in laroumian from Laroumian Da Wang on Tianping Lu. Shanghai’s best laroumian.

Were it the last Sunday of the month, I’d be preparing for our NTS Radio broadcast at Uptown RnB that China Social Club runs once a month, featuring the finest of Shanghai electronic music talent over four hours. But alas, in this hypothetical Sunday scenario, it isn’t. I have no obligations.

wine lips (1) (1)
Photograph: courtesy China Wine Lips

My hunger satiated, I walk up to the rooftop of my little lane house with my picnic rug and a bottle of Khawa Karpo Chardonnay – a wine I made last October in Yunnan with China Social Club’s other half, PCJ and his brother. Available for purchase by DM to @winelipschina on Instagram.

As I bask in Sunday hedonism, a text arrives from a friend and it’s becoming possible I might leave the house. I wonder, do I want to go out there? No, I don’t. Instead I invite said friend to my rooftop, and mention it wouldn’t hurt if they picked up some cheese from Alimentari, Anfu Lu on their way.

Photograph: courtesy Alimentari

As the day falls to twilight the rooftop picnic has swelled in numbers. We open more bottles of wine from my cellar (kitchen cabinet) that I’ve previously bought in bulk from Cellar Door Wines on Jiashan Lu.

The troops are hungry, should we leave the house or order in? As this inner struggle of decision weighs on my mind, a voice from the group says Bar Centrale on Yanping Lu has a two-for-one pizza deal. Do we leave the house, cook up a mass of dumplings from my freezer (frozen takeaways from Shandong Shougong Shuijiao on Yanqing Lu) or order something else?

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