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Take the 2021 Time Out Index survey and tell us what life is like in Shanghai

What do you love about Shanghai? We want to know

Photograph: courtesy on Edward He on Unsplash
Time Out's global survey of city-dwellers is back and we need the kind of info that we can only get from the people who live and breathe Shanghai i.e our readers, you!

It hasn’t exactly been a glorious year for cities around the world and the people who call them home. However, here in Shanghai we can consider ourselves very lucky with restaurants, bars, clubs, theatre, art, friendship, dating, even public transport mostly staying open and happening throughout these testing times.

Just like last year, the time has come once again for our editors – along with fellow Time Out cities across the globe – to invite you to share your true thoughts on what daily life is like in your city. That means answering all the big important questions like: What's the coolest neighbourhood? How is the eating and drinking scene? How glued are you to your phone and how many of you are actually proud to call Shanghai home? Either way, as a chamber for praise or even to vent, your opinions can help us pinpoint what makes really the city tick.

Take the Time Out Index 2021 survey (it's fun and takes less than ten minutes), and spill all the juicy details on what does and (sometimes) doesn't make Shanghai a great place to live. It's anonymous and as a thank-you gesture for when you've finished, we’ll reveal your soul city – the place that, based on your survey answers, you have to visit when normal service does finally resume.

Ready? Click here to take the survey (VPN required).