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New Shanghai laws for e-bikers, cyclists and dog owners will come into effect tomorrow

A quick PSA...

Photograph: Jules Holleboom via Flickr ('Shanghai police')
Kicking off May with a bang – or rather, a lot of heavy reading – Shanghai is looking at a slew of new regulations coming into effect tomorrow (Saturday 1 May). Covering everything from shipping to hunting to TCM (take a look at the list on Shanghai Fabu here), while the majority of us probably don't need to worry about them all, here's two that might impact more of us on the daily aimed at e-bikers/cyclists and dog owners.

First off: new safety regulations aimed at non-motor vehicles. These include making helmets a legal requirement for e-bikers (both for passengers and drivers) and keeping lights on when riding at night or in bad weather (heavy rain, snow, fog, etc), Shanghai Fabu reports. Heavy horn honking is also a no-go – the new regulation stipulates riders mustn't honk multiple times or hold the horn continuously.

For both e-bikers and cyclists, holding phones, answering calls or looking at any other e-devices while riding is also banned, along with pulling animals and towing people/objects while you drive or cycle. The regulations also set out to tighten enforcement around riders following the rules of the road, including stopping at red traffic lights, slowing at zebra crossings, stopping when pedestrians are on the pavement, riding in the direction of the traffic and using either indicators or hand signals when turning. According to Shine, people breaking the rules will be subject to warnings or fines from 50RMB.

On top of this, the legislation targets ‘unsafe’ bike charging and parking, which means a number of spaces are now off-limits, including public areas in buildings that could be deemed a safety risk – corridors and stairwells, near emergency exits, etc – and busy indoor spaces. Take a look at the full break down here (in Chinese only).

Next up: one for our furry friends. As of tomorrow, it will be illegal to walk dogs off the lead according to a new revision to the national Animal Epidemic Prevention Law. Furthermore, SCMP states all owners will be required to carry their dog’s official registration cards when out and about. The amendment to the national law – that sets regulations to tackle the spread of contagious diseases like rabies – is said to be part of a move to reduce dog bites and other incidents.

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