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You can get 8RMB old fashioneds at The Cannery tomorrow

The restaurant is celebrating its fifth birthday with a crazy boozy deal

Photograph: courtesy The Cannery
Birthdays only happen once year and when they do come around, you really should make the most of them – or so goes the line of thinking at The Cannery. The team love a party (read booze-up) and from 5pm tomorrow are marking the milestone of reaching half a decade in Shanghai with a deal that Don Draper would definitely endorse: 8RMB old fashioneds (less than a can of Rio at the Family Mart).

Is there a catch? Aside from the seafood that takes up much of food menu, no there isn’t. The deal’s just about toasting to the last five years with a bit of good ‘old fashioned’ fun. They’re not skimping on the alcohol either sticking with Maker’s Mark bourbon as the drink’s base. At last year’s birthday bash apparently over 1,000 were sold.

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Photograph: courtesy The Cannery

While the cocktail generally has a reputation as classier tipple, expect the party to be a little less restrained, especially when owner Mark Klingspon and bar manager Mr T gun for the unofficial world whiskey bomb record – a challenge that sees beer glasses lined up around the bar (600 or so) with whiskey shots on top knocked over like dominoes. Don’t worry, they won’t be the ones drinking all of these – Klingspon confirmed ‘the whiskey bombs will be for the customers to help themselves to…’

Cheap drinks aren’t the only thing on the evening’s agenda. Clams are also getting the same discounted treatment – 8RMB for 1kg. And, importantly, the restaurant's resident bulldog Pete is also celebrating his fifth birthday, so be sure to raise a bleary-eyed glass to him.