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Got a pet? There’s a new dog taxi service in Shanghai

Backseat barks welcome

Photograph: courtesy Tim Goux on Pexels
A good long walk is probably a pup’s favourite pastime, but as much they love a sniff and stroll, taking them from A to B on a lead everywhere isn’t always the most convenient – especially when your four-legged bestie has a haircut on the other side of the Shanghai. Enter PawPaw Pet Taxi, a new animal transport service in town that’ll take your pets (cats as well as other four-legged friends too) to the groomers, vet, sitter or wherever else they need to go.

The service is all about making travelling around Shanghai with an animal in tow easier and more comfortable, rather than the stressful experience it can be – no more refusals, last-minute cancellations or worried glances in the rear-view mirror.

Photograph: courtesy Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The drivers all have pets themselves so, apart from sharing the same adoration for animals, are able to handle watching over yours too. This means pets can fly solo on their trips without their owners and will still be well supervised – just make sure they have a lead, harness or carrier.

To book, open the PawPaw Pet WeChat mini program and add your pet. There's also the option of doing it through partnering dog-loving platform Spare Leash where you'll save cash on your first ride. From there, choose your location, pickup time and destination. The service does require a bit of advanced planning as you’ll need to arrange bookings two hours before departure. But once that’s been set in motion, you’ll get a confirmation message from the driver half an hour before the journey begins.

Expect prices to be similar to regular taxis and refunds for cancellations issued within two days. And, while there might not be a luxe option like us humans can choose on Didi, take solace in the knowledge that your pet pals are still living their best lives being privately chauffeured around the city.