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Today is the hottest recorded day of the year so far in Shanghai

And the temperatures are set to stay until next week

Photograph: courtesy Joe Pizzio on Unsplash
Are you melting yet? A great excuse to get stuck into ice cream or cool off in the city’s pools, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, today is the hottest recorded day of the year in Shanghai so far and they’ve issued a yellow heat alert.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the city’s weather forecasts over the past week, you’ll already be aware that today’s temperature was set to tip over 35 degrees Celsius, and if you have indeed hit the streets this afternoon, that’s been pretty damn clear

A couple of levels below red (for when temperatures rise over 40 degrees – save that madness for later in the season), during a yellow heat alert, the usual the sun safety precautions are advised like staying inside where possible and embracing the beauty of your air-conditioning unit.

Things apparently aren’t going to let up until Friday 9 July when the forecast does duck under the 30 mark once again, even if only for the one day before heating up again through next week.

Those thinking that one weather extreme would replace the other, think again. They work side by side in Shanghai remember, and the plum rains that have plagued us since early June will be making sure we don’t forget them in a hurry. Thunderstorms are still scheduled until the weekend, so while whipping out your shades and shorts is appropriate, keeping a rain jacket at the ready might be too.

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