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Shanghai Pudong International Airport is getting even bigger

...and much easier to get lost in too

Photograph: Wengang Zhai via Unsplash
By size Shanghai Pudong International Airport is already the eighth biggest in the world and now, it's set to become even bigger, busier and easier to get lost in. According to SHINE, the airport is aiming to start its Phase Four expansion, which is essentially the introduction of a new terminal – Terminal 3 – that’s predicted to host over 50 million passengers each year.

The terminal seems to be the next step in pushing Shanghai Pudong International along in its path in becoming a global hub for air travel following 2019’s addition of the world's largest satellite terminal at 622,000sqm. It will be located south of T1 and T2 and will cover a whopping 1.19 million metres of space, and although there’s currently no announcements on shopping or entertainment services – expect that there’ll be enough going on to live out any of those Tom Hanks in The Terminal fantasies.

No concrete date has been given as to when the terminal will be ready for takeoff, but the construction is all part of a Five-Year Plan released earlier in the month by the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission that seeks to make Shanghai the world’s top shipping and air transport centre by 2025. Details of the plan include increasing the capacity of Shanghai’s two airports (Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport) to 130 million passengers and shortening the commute between Pudong International Airport and downtown to 40 minutes.

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