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Enjoy the weather now... a typhoon and week of rain is coming

A weekend of Netflix awaits

Image: Taifeng Lujing
We hope you've been soaking up the summer rays while you can (and by the way, how cool are these marshmallow clouds!) because the season’s not-so-fun cousin – typhoons – have come to China's coasts. According to Shanghai’s municipal Meteorologic Bureau, this year’s sixth typhoon In-fa will bring heavy showers and thunderstorms to Shanghai from tomorrow (Thursday 22) until Monday 26, while weather forecasts also show rain through next Friday 30.

If that’s not enough, 2021’s seventh typhoon Cempaka, which formed shortly after In-fa, landed in Guangdong last night. It’s unknown if it will impact Shanghai, but it will certainly play a role in In-fa’s route over the next few days. If you want to keep up to the minute on the typhoons' paths, then follow this tracker.

torp (1)
Photograph: Yu Zhiming

While there shouldn't be reason for much concern, with In-fa expected to be stronger than originally predicted, it’s advised to take your standard safety precautions seriously like removing outdoor plants from balconies, moving large objects inside and closing windows.

On the bright side, it seems like this weekend’s going to be the perfect time to catch up on some Netflix, don’t you think?

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