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City Envy: Universal Studios has opened in Beijing

Surprise surprise tickets for the opening day sold out within 30 minutes

Photograph: courtesy YXM
Our days of lauding theme park superiority over our northern rivals have finally drawn to an end. While we’ll always have Shanghai Disneyland, Universal Studios opened its fifth theme park in Beijing this past Monday 20 September and it just so happens to be the world’s biggest.

There’s all kinds of rides (37 of them, in fact) spread across seven themed lands from Universal creations, like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter complete with the park’s super popular Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride that takes you through Hogwarts Castle, Transformers Metrobase that’s home to the pretty wild-looking Decepticoaster, a Minion Land, Jurassic World Isla Nublar and WaterWorld...

Beijing’s also got a world-first: the Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness. Here you can train at Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp, brave the Kung Fu Panda Journey of the Dragon Warrior boat ride, and fuel up after the attractions at Mr Ping’s Noodle House.

Basically, whether you’re a Harry Potter family, dino mad or can’t get enough of Autobots, Minions and Po the Panda, looks like we’ll all be booking family trips to Beijing for the foreseeable for our thrills (just be ready for long queues). Tickets for the opening day (shockingly) sold out within 30 minutes. For the future, you can get tickets and express passes here.