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You can get Squid Game candies at this shop in Shanghai

Snack on the hyped-up show’s dalgona… minus the threat of death

Photographs: Rupert Hohwieler
‘Seen Squid Game yet?’ seems to the water cooler talk right now. The Korean survival drama has become Netflix’s most-watched show, bringing in a mammoth 111 million viewers since it debuted a month ago. If you’re one of the few that hasn’t tuned in yet, the plot involves a group of struggling, indebted civilians competing with one another over a series of gruesome kids’ games for a large pot of cash (45.6 billion Korean Won, in fact).

Naturally, the hype train has inevitably found a way to arrive in Shanghai. One such place cashing in is a Squid Game-themed hole-in-the-wall on the corner of Zhejiang Zhong Lu and Fuzhou Lu. Decked out in signage from the show as well as stickers, small toys and posters, the shop is making dalgona – the crunchy honeycomb candy key to completing one of the challenges.

"cookie 2 (1)"

Stamped with symbols representing either a star, circle, triangle or umbrella, the price for your fandom will set you back 15RMB. You'll also get the replica brown business card with your order (leading to the store’s WeChat, not a mysterious black van). If you fancy, you can even take a few home and get a game going yourself – without the whole ‘you fail, you die’ aspect, of course. The aim is to carve the symbol cleanly out of the fragile sugary treat.

Opening hours are between 10am and 10pm. With Halloween also on the horizon, we'd hazard a guess that there'll soon be plenty of green tracksuits and pink jumpsuits across the city too.

Address details: 167 Zhejiang Zhong Lu, near Fuzhou Lu.