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Ready-made Sunday: Roxie and RIINK boss Ting Ting Liang's favourite spots around Jingan

Hint: it's certainly not lazy

Photograph: courtesy RIINK
In need of some weekend inspiration? Owner of LBT space Roxie and roller-skating bar RIINK Ting Ting Liang shares her standard Sunday routine, with all her favourite spots to eat and drink in Jingan. Plus a dash of work included, of course – this is Shanghai after all…

10am: The alarm
After a busy week, my day starts waking up around 10am - without a hangover :)

11am: Morning rituals
I arrive at RIINK to greet my staff, check in on each station and see if everything is ready to go for the day. On Sundays, families arrive early so it’s important we’re ready to open. I usually greet the first group of parents and kids while having a cup of coffee. If I'm in the mood, I’ll skate for 30-45 minutes. It’s fun as our restaurant is round and I can observe everyone while testing the floor and gears.

12-1pm: Lunch (and a second coffee)
My current faves in the neighbourhood are Le DAiLY on Wuding Lu (amazing Reuben sandwiches) and on Nanyang Lu, Yolo Sense (the handrip Yolo coffee) and cute Japanese stall Takoyaki Tari (for the okonomiyaki). Then I’ll space out on my laptop, putting my thoughts together and just watching waimai scooters pass by. It’s nice to have a moment to think after a full-on weekend.

"ledailyweb (1)"
Photograph: Cat Nelson

3pm: Go for another wander
In the late afternoon I normally go for walk around Suzhou River. Then on my way back you’ll see me shopping at local stores in the neighbourhood. Around 5-6pm I return to RIINK to greet our night-shift staff and make sure all is ready for the night and staff from daytime have a let-out if they need to talk to me.

"Suzhou River"
Photograph: Michael MacLaren

5-6pm: Have a big dinner
I only do one full meal a day, so I can keep higher levels of energy and concentration for work. While I like to explore new restaurants or bars, a forever favourite is still The Commune Social which I visit frequently for their delicious creations and seasonal dishes – like snow crab pudding or baked beetroot with goat cheese. Yummm.

I love my industry and enjoy being a consumer, so I try to be a good one at places we go. As we understand both sides, my visits to venues always begin with a greeting and end with a thank you.

"CS (2)"
Photograph: Cat Nelson

11pm: Late-night drinks
These usually happen at A Dash in Shankang Li, LAB on Wuding Lu or a visit to my bartenders at Roxie. After almost a decade of bartending, I’ve learned to appreciate different liquids a lot more.

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