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Temple of Light's ‘immersive theatre’ has opened in Shanghai

Charge up that phone battery for this Moments-ready show

Photographs: Yu Zhiming
The scene is this: 360 degrees of Japanese Ukiyo-e artworks all around you where falling sakura petals morph into giant waves and women dressed in kimonos slide open wooden shoji doors. You are inside INSIDE… immersive art pros Temple of Light's new space (erm, ‘immersive theatre’) now open on the North Bund.

Created by Paris-based multidisciplinary design studio Danny Rose, INSIDE is the first show presented by Temple of Light, a company specialising in immersive digital art made with high-tech projection and sound. It’s hard to miss the metal box-shaped building set inside the North Bund Riverside Park in Hongkou.


In an echo of light festivals like Fête des Lumières in Lyon or Vivid Sydney and, closer to home, TeamLab’s installations, INSIDE is riding that immersive, highly Instagrammable wave.


The 40-minute art and light show takes you through two digital works from Danny Rose: ‘Mutation' (ten minutes) and ‘Ukiyo-e Visions' (30 minutes). Both are projected onto every inch of the walls with the latest Epson 3LCD technology and music playing across the high-end Meyer Sound’s ULTRA-X20 spatialised sound system.


It’s a head-spinning visual overload. ‘Mutation’ sees colour blocks in all shapes appear from all corners of the room, quickly multiplying, changing shapes and colours, connecting, merging and mutating with eye-dazzling speed. Before your eyes and mind can catch up, thousands of electric currents bolt from all corners of the room while digital music evokes an otherworldly sensation making you forget you're in Shanghai, almost instantly.


The second project ‘Ukiyo-e Visions’ immerses you in the Japanese woodblock art, starting with a dozen giant paper fans. As they slowly fold, the space begins to morphs into scene after scene of forests, waves and flowers in a sensorial rush.


The show ends with Ryuichi Sakamoto’s classic piano Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence as millions of lanterns illuminate the night sky.


Can’t get enough of sensory overload and want to step into the art yourself? Reservations are a must – Get your tickets here.

Venue details: Temple of Light Presents INSIDE by Danny Rose, 598 Dongdaming Lu, near Xinjian Lu.

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