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It's officially winter tomorrow

You were begging for it back in July, and now it's here. Winter has officially arrived in Shanghai

Photograph: Matthew Henry on Unsplash
Not to be a Grinch or anything, but prepare yourselves for a fuh-reezing Christmas this weekend. If you've gotten comfortable with the seemingly warmer-than-usual winter we've experienced this month and last, that's because – even though we're only a week away from January – we haven't actually entered winter yet, at least not officially. According to Shine, the season gets going properly tomorrow, the latest winter Shanghai has had since 1991.

While temperatures will drop to as low as two degrees on Saturday and minus one on Sunday, the true ‘bring out your gloves and puffer jacket (or just stay inside)’ weather arrives on Monday where the cold snap will reach a dizzying low of minus two in the downtown areas and a further minus six in the suburbs – which makes it the year's coldest recorded day. Ooof!

Although super chilly weather is never much fun (unless it snows), don't let it keep you cooped up inside over the weekend. It goes without saying, wrap up if you're heading out to stuff yourself silly at one of these Christmas dinners or brunches. If you have plans to be merry elsewhere after the free-flow champagne gets a little out of hand, check here for what's on both tonight and tomorrow night.