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There's a new interactive (and educational) Pokémon exhibit at One Museum Place

The sprawling show has a bunch of Poké-themed activities to get kids hands-on

Photographs: courtesy One Museum Place
Pokémon might feel like a cultural relic from your own childhood, but it seems the magic lives on for today’s generation. One Museum Place is bringing the pocket monsters to Shanghai in a sprawling exhibition called Pokémon Dreamland.

Apart from having plenty to wow your little ones, this multi-activity attraction hosts a selection of interactive, educational experiences for kids to get hands-on. The two-metre-high Pikachu greeting you at the entrance and dangling from the ceiling may not seem like the most educational characters, but the event riffs off their electrical abilities to allow children to learn through experiment and observation.


Activities use cause and effect to have young ones experiment with the world around them. The Pokémon Power Generator has kids pedalling to generate electricity. Once they’ve lit up a certain number of light bulbs, Pikachu will launch a virtual attack. Similarly, another activity has them using cranks and handles
to light up light bulbs so they can see the effect more close-up.

The exhibition hopes to play on kids’ natural curiosity and craving for fun to help them learn. They’ll also find plenty to inspire their creative and competitive sides. In one area, they can spend time constructing new Pokémon out of magnetic blocks. In another, there is a series of games that test coordination. Something like
a set of themed fairground activities, they must throw Pokéballs to hit targets and launch Pokémon into things. A third game even has them catching Pokémon of their own. If all this wasn’t enough to get the little ones excited there is the Pikachu-themed trampoline where they can burn off a little steam.


Pikachu isn’t the only monster to make the lineup. In the pop-up store, there are a selection of cuddly Pokémon all looking for a new trainer. Spending 200RMB or more here will get you a Pokémon Dreamland ticket, which you need to access the 12. activities. They are also doing lucky draws on WeChat where you can win free tickets (search ‘OneMuseumPlace’ and follow the prompts to enter). There are a few height restrictions on the activities but kids between 1-1.4m will have no problems. It may be aimed at the young’uns, but adults will find plenty for a trip down memory lane too.