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Elevator is hosting a queer short film screening party this week

CINEMQ presents BABEL, a night all about queer communication

Images: courtesy CINEMQ
Get your popcorn, people. Queer film collective CINEMQ is having a film screening night this Thursday at Elevator. Founded in 2014, CINEMQ is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit group that focuses on East Asian screen culture and perspectives on global queer cinema.

CINEMQ, short film 3 (cropped)

The theme of the evening revolves around the concept of queer communication and the barriers that sometimes come along with it. The selection of English- and Chinese-subtitled short films will explore how queer individuals engage in communication across languages, cultures, experiences and generations.

CINEMQ, short film 2 (cropped)

Somewhat surprisingly, a few of the short films will focus on deaf and hearing-impaired queer issues, and as such, a Chinese sign language interpreter will be present at the onset of the event.

Stick around after the films for a bumping afterparty featuring DJ OFFSKII.

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