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Meituan is asking users to disinfect bikes after rides

Ride safe and sane on the streets of Shanghai

Photograph: courtesy Meituan
While all passengers in Shanghai are already required to wear masks on public transportation, bike rental firm Meituan Bike has also jumped on the bandwagon by advising its riders to wear one while riding and rolling out its own non-contact service initiative.

Last week, Meituan announced a new contactless biking initiative with four golden rules that'll help keep users safe while using its services. In a WeChat post, it urged riders to use protective gear (gloves and surgical masks) to reduce contact with surfaces and bring disinfectant to sanitise bikes. The post also advised riders to keep a safe distance from others while on the road.

Meituan has been spraying disinfectant on share bikes, including those belonging to other rental companies. So next time you hop on a bike, pay it forward and wipe it down after your trip.

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