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4 juices and smoothies to order to your door in Shanghai

From pick-me-ups to protein boosts, keep your health kick going through February

Photograph: courtesy House Press
January has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean it's time to ditch all those 2021 health goals you started the year with. Whether you're looking to flush some less-than-wholesome toxins from a big night out, find a different way to boost your vitamins and minerals or reset with a juice cleanse, here's four juice and smoothie brands to order to your door.

House Press

press 2
Photograph: courtesy House Press

House Press came at the juice game from a background in the world of beauty and skincare and works by the philosophy that ‘feeling good is the new looking good’. All the juices are said to be 100 percent plant-based, gluten and dairy-free, have no artificial flavourings or preservatives and – an extra bonus – come packaged in recyclable containers. Mixes target everything from 'skin and hair repair' (red cabbage, apple, grape, lemon and rosemary) to 'anti-stress and balance' (carrot, orange, apple, pear ginger, lemon). For those wanting to work a cleanse into a busy schedule, Active Lifestyle focuses on high-energy ingredients to see you through the day. Individual juices from 42RMB and cleanses are between 250-500RMB; follow ‘housepress’ on WeChat.

Lizzy's All Natural

Photograph: courtesy Lizzy's All Natural

A big name on the block, Lizzy's selection of smoothies cover all occasions from hangover cures to post-gym protein boosts and between-meal treats. If you are swapping out a meal for a smoothie, they're made to release fibre slowly with the idea of keeping your fuller for longer and there's a line of 'super powders' with proteins that can be added for a boost. 27-40RMB per drink; search ‘Lizzys’ on WeChat to order via the mini program.

Drink Clean

Photograph: courtesy Drink Clean via Facebook

All-natural and cold-pressed to maximise flavour and nutritional value, Drink Clean offers juice cleanses for one to 12 days as well as a range of juices for a single serving of healthy goodness and a selection of health foods. Whether you’re looking for a complete lifestyle change or want to flush out the badness after a big night out, there's an option for everyone. Individual juices from 30RMB and cleanses are between 158-1,000RMB; search 'DrinkClean' on WeChat to order via the mini program.

V Cleanse

Photograph: courtesy V Cleanse via Weibo

When a one- or two-day cleanse won’t cut it, that’s where V Cleanse comes in with programmes that last from single days to weeks – even months if that's your thing. All of the juices are organic and there's a strong emphasis on flavour and taking care of ingredients making sure they're stored at optimal temperatures from farm to budding fitness guru. Individual juices from 50RMB and cleanses are between 300-1,440RMB; visit vcleanse.com or search 'vcleanse' on WeChat to order.

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