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Last day to tune into Strawberry Music Festival's livestream series

The series on Bilibili is an effort to support those who are ill and those staying indoors

Photograph: courtesy Strawberry Music Festival
Modern Sky, one of China's most prominent indie labels, has kicked off a Strawberry Music Festival livestreaming series on Bilibili. Running through today (Saturday 8), sets start at 4pm and last until 10pm.

The fest has been held in cities across the country including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Changchun. This year, however, as many people across the country are staying indoors, organisers are using the theme 'Hi, I'm home too' ('Hi, 我也在家') for the series in the hope of bringing love and support to those who are ill and those staying indoors.

Bilibili’s hosting sets from over 70 acts, including rappers like Kafe.Hu and Tizzy T, rock bands like Birdstriking and Re-TROS, and Big Band winners like New Pants. Check its official WeChat (search ID 'modernsky19971227') to see the line-up of the day. Many of these sets were recorded at previous Modern Sky-organised festivals (including several at Wuhan's Strawberry Music Festival).

The idea behind the streaming series is to use Bilibili's bullet comment feature to create a sense of community while many viewers are at home. Modern Sky has also invited artists to livestream their lives on Bilibili (search ID '58722507') while at home doing activities like cooking, exercising, playing games and other things to kill time and keep sane.

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