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Punk rockers Round Eye on their most memorable moments together

The band are bidding farewell to original drummer Jimmy Jack with one last gig together at Yuyintang tomorrow night

Photographs: courtesy Round Eye; Clockwise left to right: Mac, Chachy, Livio, James, Jimmy Jack.
Round Eye have been a fixture for ‘freak punk’ in Shanghai for nigh on ten years, but now the group’s original drummer Jimmy Jack has decided to call time on his stint here and head back to the US. Before his farewell gig at Yuyintang tomorrow (Saturday 26 June), the band reminisce on some of their most memorable moments together.

Chachy: We touched down in Shanghai after playing the Guangzhou Full Day Punk Fest. I suffered an anxiety attack on the plane and an ambulance had to cart me off the runway. [Jimmy] left saying ‘Wife’s here! See you at practice!’.

Mac: With DOA at YYT. We hadn’t played together since the tour ended a month earlier. We were concerned we’d suck. We absolutely killed it. Never played better.

Livio: If you’ve seen Jimmy Jack playing drums you know he hasn’t got a light touch. I still clearly remember a show we played at Yuyintang when, on the very last big crash of a song, one of his sticks slipped from his hand and was thrown at light speed towards the crowd hitting a poor girl in the face.

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Gil: Hong Kong, 2013. The time Jimmy had to separate Chachy and Bob and put them in time out.

James: The night we opened for Twink in YYT Park. It was my first important gig with Round Eye so I was a bit nervous. I remember him getting frustrated with one screw-up in a song and spending the rest of the set knocking the absolute p*** out of the kits. After the show, nothing but sweaty faces and big smiles. It gave me a lot of confidence. Don’t be nervous, just muscle it and play the music.

Round Eye's farewell to Jimmy Jack is happening tomorrow night, Saturday 26, at Yuyintang. Tickets are 100RMB or 80RMB presale (buy tickets online).

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