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London rave-inspired party e404 is happening at Elevator tonight

Founder Ben NRG gives us the lowdown

Photographs: 猫十一
After a two-month breather, e404 returns for its bi-monthly residency at Elevator tonight; a party with the aim of showcasing a bit of London’s nocturnal underground scene in Shanghai. After its maiden appearance back in May 2020, the night has since cemented itself as a reliable space to sample the sounds you’d expect to hear sandwiched in the middle of a sweaty warehouse rave or dark clubbing dancefloor in the English capital. Here, founder and London-native Ben NRG gives us the gist of what it's all about, who's involved and what's on the cards for tonight.

Okay, so what’s e404 all about?

'e404 is my interpretation of merging the dark underground scenes of London with that of the evolving scene in China.'

What motivated you to start 404?

'When I first came to China I was heavily influenced by where I’d come from – loving acid house, breakbeat and techno. I’d run a couple of labels and party collectives back when I was living in the UK and have a real passion for that. I really wanted to start something new in China that reminded me of the scene at home, but also helped me explore the different artists, communities and club culture here in Shanghai.'


Who are the residents and regulars?

'Our residents consist of some of my favourite artists in China and I’m really happy they are part of it. They are DJ EBP, Chuan, ChouChou and myself (Ben NRG).'

What’s the music like?

'At an e404 party, you’ll hear acid, techno, trance and breaks... or anything in between. We usually start slow and as the night progresses we get faster and faster, from 120-180bpm sometimes.'


Do you have any dream bookings?

‘Trying to be semi-realistic! One artist I’ve been following for a long time and would love to have would be DJ IBON. Whenever he releases new music I’m always listening to it nonstop.’

e404 is happening tonight, Friday 14, at Elevator. Tickets are 80RMB on the door.