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World Jianbing Day is now a thing – here's how to win a year's worth

It's all going down today (Tuesday 30)

Photograph: courtesy UnTour Food Tours
We all know Shanghai’s got tons of culture, and the food scene plays a big part in that. Shanghai has something to satisfy everybody’s palate, whether it’s upscale eateries or cult food spots. Among one of many beloved foods is the humble jianbing, so it comes as no small surprise that April 30 has been declared World Jianbing Day by the folks at Shanghai-based travel company UnTour.

As part of the event, UnTour is offering a year’s supply of jianbing for one lucky participant in its latest endeavour – a worldwide jianbing locator. To participate, upload a photo of your favourite jianbing vendor and tag @unfoodtours or use the hashtag #jianbingmap on Facebook, Instagram or WeChat. (If you're using WeChat to submit, send a screenshot of your post directly to its official account 'UnTourFoodTours'.) The deadline to submit photos is Sunday 5 May. UnTour is also selling jianbing blankets for 200RMB.

Jianbing blanket, UnTour (cropped)
Photograph: courtesy UnTour Food Tours

The tour company has also paired up with businesses around town for some bing-based activities – Homeslice Pizza is getting into the spirit with jianbing pizza slices for one day only on Tuesday 30 April. Slices are 15RMB each, with the option to add pork floss or ham for a few extra RMB to add to the goodness.

Jianbing pizza, Homeslice (cropped)
Photograph: courtesy Homeslice Pizza

So... who's waiting for Baozza Day?

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