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KFC has launched its first meatless burger

Where's the beef?

Photographs: Kimberly Ng
If you’ve been wanting to get more environmentally friendly, now's a great time to start. Shanghai’s got new rubbish-sorting laws and hotels are doing away with one-use plastics like toothbrushes and combs. KFC is also lowering its carbon emissions (intentionally or not, who's to say) with the latest addition to its menu – a meatless burger.

KFC 3 burger (cropped)

The new mushroom burgers hit KFCs around Shanghai earlier this week. Instead of a beef patty, the burger has thick slices of fried, cheese-stuffed Portobello. The flavour is distinctly mushroom-y, and the extra cheese gives it a creamier texture than the restaurant's beef options. If you’re not a fan of mushrooms (or lots of cheese), this one’s not for you, but it’s a decent option for those looking for meat alternatives.

Available 'while supplies last' at all KFCs around town, the mushroom burgers run for 23RMB each. Word to the wise: they’re not as filling as your standard cheeseburger, so you might want to grab a side of fries while you’re at it.

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