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Austin Hu's legendary brunch is back at Heritage by Madison

Fluffy cheddar scallion biscuits smeared in Laoganma butter, devilled tea eggs, a tender trotter croquette and more – all delivered tableside in steamers on a push trolley

Photographs: courtesy Heritage by Madison

Way back in the annals of Shanghai restaurant history, ‘legendary’ was the word for Austin Hu’s brunch at the now-shuttered Madison. So it’s no surprise that brunch at Hu’s latest concept Heritage is coming six months after opening – there’s a lot to live up to.

Start with a green tomato bloody Mary before launching into fluffy cheddar scallion biscuits smeared with chilli garlic jelly and Laoganma butter or devilled tea eggs topped with sesame, scallions, seaweed and crispy quinoa – all delivered tableside in steamers on a push trolley. Decadent but never boring, it’s classic Hu.

Poached eggs and a tender trotter croquette sitting atop an English muffin are liberally smothered in XO hollandaise. Juicy fried chicken arrives sandwiched between black-sesame-flecked waffles with a dollop of avocado cream. Some things are worth the wait.

Austin与小推车 Brunch Heritage by Madison

培根鸡蛋汉堡 Brunch Heritage by Madison

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