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Netizen are sharing photos of regional dishes to show support for Wuhan

Wuhan's famous breakfast dish has become a symbol of the nation’s united effort

Image: @peoplesdaily via Weibo
There are many ways to show solidarity with Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province where the first case of the novel coronavirus was reported. Putting pictures of your own local dishes together with Wuhan’s famous breakfast dish, reganmian (hot and dry noodles), is one of them that's been trending over the last few days on Weibo.

Netizens have been using the hashtag 'local cuisines to show solidarity with Wuhan’s hot and dry noodles' (各地美食给武汉热干面加油) on the social media platform and so far, it's attracted more than 270 million views. The hashtag is accompanied by an image of a local dish juxtaposed with Wuhan reganmian. Images shared include Beijing’s zhajiangmian, Lanzhou’s beef noodles, Cantonese stir-fried rice noodles, Mongolian roast lamb and Guilin’s mifen.

1.used shanghai reganmian
Image: @peoplesdaily via Weibo

The trend was carried on by a Tianjin-based cartoonist whose work shows a quarantined Wuhan patient, an anthropomorphised bowl of reganmian visited by cartoon shallots, dumplings, buns, hot pot and crab from all over China, cheering him up outside of his ward.

1. used reganmian
Image: @陈小桃momo via Weibo

Reganmian is one of Wuhan’s signature dishes, usually eaten for breakfast. The main seasoning is sesame paste, which gives the dish a thick texture and rich flavour. Pickled spicy radish and string beans add crunchiness, and a dash of chilli oil gives it a kick.

Wuhan is probably not in your travel plans any time soon, but why not give reganmian a try the next time you come across it?