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Shanghai's started a campaign on proper utensil use at restaurants

No dipping your chopsticks into shared dishes, folks

Photograph: Varun Tandon via Unsplash
As the coronavirus continues to remain, we've all adopted pretty good habits in wearing masks, washing our hands often and going out less frequently. However, there’s one other detail that’s often overlooked, and that’s getting into the habit of using communal utensils when eating from shared dishes.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the local Municipal Health Committee and Municipal Civilization Office have launched a campaign to encourage all residents to use one set of chopsticks and spoons to take food from shared dishes and another set for yourself.

Image: Shanghai Municipal Government via WeChat

The campaign consists of four posters detailing the new eating habits while promoting happiness, reducing infections and eliminating germs.

chop2 (1)
Image: courtesy Shanghai Municipal Government via WeChat

Whether you’re dining in a restaurant or at home, don't forget to use communal chopsticks and spoons properly to prevent further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and promote healthy dining. Restaurants should be providing extra sets. But if you're worried that they won't, you can always bring your own additional set of utensils or worst-case scenario (preferably not), use the clean end of your chopsticks to take food from communal dishes.

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