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World-famous dim sum restaurant Tim Ho Wan just opened in Shanghai

The Hong Kong-born chain is famed for being the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world

Photographs: Alastair Reid Schanche
Love dim sum? Then you’ll be very excited to hear that Hong Kong’s legendary dim sum house Tim Ho Wan has just set up shop in Shanghai. Famed for being the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world, the Hong Kong flagship is something of a Mecca for the dim sum obsessed worldwide.

Opening its first restaurant in the mainland late last month with all the buzz you might expect for a place of its reputation, Tim Ho Wan is on the fourth floor of the Jingan Kerry Centre (north block, opposite Din Tai Feng) and is drawing in the crowds with up to hour-long waits for a table. The good news is there’s a ticket system in place so you can wander off around the Kerry Centre and do some window shopping while you bide your time.

WeChat Image_20201006153341

Sticking to the traditional rules of dim sum school – simple and fresh – and everything made to order, the menu is compact, but with reason to go back time and time again. The old classics like the shrimp hargow and the signature barbecue pork buns are just as good here as we've had at the Hong Kong shop. Don’t sleep on them, you’ll be the only table that does. Dishes cost around 30RMB a basket for three dumplings, which is arguably the ideal group number so you don’t size yourself out of the more regularly available smaller tables.

Whether it’s the new-opening excitement or a regular hour-long wait kinda place, don’t let the lines put you off – Tim Ho Wan is up there in the city's dim sum game and also a bargain. So grab a ticket and ride it out.

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