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There's a new ice cream shop on Yuyuan Lu

The verdict: We're obsessed

Photograph: Rupert Hohwieler (soy sauce caramel ice cream)
There’s always time for ice cream, even if the weather this week hasn’t exactly screamed for it. Rain or shine a thick, creamy scoop equals guaranteed happiness, right? Enter Swirlz, a newly opened parlour in town sitting pretty in pink on the Zhongshan Park end of Yuyuan Lu.

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Photograph: Rupert Hohwieler

Owned by Brut Eatery’s co-founders Priscilla Young and Jun Wu, the shop is still in its earliest stages, but the focus is clear: real flavours with high-quality ingredients. Don’t be fooled by appearances, this isn’t your usual soft serve. Instead, it veers more towards a gelato taste with lower air content and a thicker texture.

Pick from four flavours (one for 28RMB, two for 30RMB), all served in a cone. There’s Meiji milk, dark chocolate, strawberry and soy sauce caramel – this month’s unique rotating flavour, a riff on a salted caramel.

影棚拍摄-053 (1)
Photograph: courtesy Swirlz (Fig and Ham sundae)

For those who prefer their dairy in a cup, choose from six sundae options that go from rich (like the ‘Movie Night’, crammed with butter popcorn, Oreos and peanuts) to fruity (the ‘Berry Blast’, that uses fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries), to the weird and wonderful (‘Fig and Ham’, a twist on charcuterie classics, that sees ice cream studded with Serrano ham and drizzled with caramelised fig sauce).

There’s also plans to spike a few of the scoops in the future – hopefully sometime in June. Alongside the ice cream there are a few refreshing fruity fizzes on the menu, like strawberry lemon and mango passionfruit. All in all, it looks set to become a new Shanghai staple for the summer – and definitely one that's worth a lick.

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