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There’s a new late-night pasta pop-up at X Bar

Andrew Moo and Dan Li are turning out smoked pork cheek paccheri and more at Yaya’s

Photograph: Graeme Kennedy
Pasta buffs, prepare to park yourselves inside X Bar for the foreseeable future. A self-described 'no fuss, no frills eatery' from Andrew Moo (Taste Collective, Le DAiLY) and Dan Li (formerly Bird), Yaya's will be taking up temporary residence by the bar’s entrance for the next few months.

The duo will be dishing out some very aesthetically pleasing handmade pastas on the fresh, from 9pm ’til late Wednesday to Saturday, that will either fuel your night out or end it with a warm loving hug of carbs – or both. On the opening menu there’s pappardelle splashed in oil with okra and Zhaoyi egg yolk (48RMB), paccheri with smoked pork cheek (58RMB) and some smaller antipasti-styled bites – like spicy marinara-topped arancini and mushroom fritti served with chilli aioli (both 48RMB).

Photograph: Enzo Grasso, X Bar

Using the pop-up to build a community before opening a permanent space, Moo and Li say that we can expect to see new dishes often, with flavours and pastas rotating frequently as they play around with what works. Other dishes on the agenda are tagliatelle adorned with lamb ragu and Sichuan peppercorns as well as a pretty lush-sounding mapo tofu lasagne.

The pop-up kicks off with a ‘pasta party’ this Friday (July 16) from 7pm. There’ll be a selection of cocktails going for 50RMB until 11pm and DJs Mimi Moonflower, Cola and Beat Lament supplying sounds. Eat, hydrate, dance, repeat looks to be the mantra, at least until the new location is set for action.

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