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Homeslice is doing a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos pizza pop-up next week

And the team’s new Pudong store is finally opening at the start of October

Photographs: Rupert Hohwieler
Nothing like a nice bit of pizza content to help us back into reality after a holiday. The team at Homeslice are no strangers to experimental toppings (crayfish, jianbing and mac ‘n’ cheese come to mind) and now there’s another wacky one to add to the mix: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.


If a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos pizza sounds familiar, it’s because the creation actually sent the internet into a frenzy five years ago when Californian pizzeria Ameci Pizza Kitchen first put the pairing together. Homeslice’s version sees crushed-up Cheetos dust smattered over the base of the classic cheese pizza before it hits the oven, with the spicy snack then spread over the top to finish. The limited-edition pizza will be available in-store only at the Shankang Li outpost next Wednesday (September 29) and Thursday (September 30).

It’ll join other recent additions from the summer menu including white artichoke and the five cheese-based Supadupa Cheese. There’s also guest chef from Mikkeller Ramon Verano’s Zhajiang pie that, as the name implies, puts the ingredients of Beijing noodle dish zhajiang mian (pork mince, cucumber, shredded carrot and a zhajiang-inspired sauce made with yellow bean, garlic and star anise) atop of a pizza – sounds wild, but it definitely works.

Zhejiang (1) (1)
Zhajiang Pizza by Ramon Verano

Plus, there's a slice of welcome news for pizza fans on the east side of the river, a new store in Pudong is currently under construction which will serve the Century Park and Longyang Lu area. Going for an early October opening, owner Nat Alexander says: ‘Our first Pudong store is about the same size as our Shankang Li location and will feature a slightly expanded menu and the usual NYC subway-inspired decor.’ Also meaning those living in Pudong can not only up their work lunch game now, but join Puxi in the having the luxury of ordering it straight from waimai to bed.

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