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Beyond burgers: Charlie’s has added pizzas to its menu

The verdict: they’re damn good

​Photographs: courtesy Charlie's
Think Charlie's and you’ll probably have the scent of char-grilled burgers come to mind. But at their new location on Wuding Lu, there's a different kind of smell wafting through the air: pizzas. The new digs, aka Charlie's Test Kitchen, is the team’s playground to dabble in new ideas. So far, they’ve been turning out Cantonese barbecue (remember Lucky You on Fumin earlier this year?) and pizza.

Tom Yum

We’re here for the pizza – and it's a respectable effort. The pies take a flat bread-style shape and are crafted with a 24-hour slow fermentation sourdough resulting in a nice airy crust, crisp on the outside while retaining its chewy and a Neapolitan-esque char to finish. They're not served by the slice, so you have to order them whole (89-90RMB), sized for two to share with other dishes or for one hungry eater.

Butter Chicken

In terms of the toppings, just about every base is covered with 14 flavours currently available. There’s an Italian number dotted with chunks of burrata cheese atop a classic margherita for the traditionalists as well as pepperoni and triple cheese for those who bat on the American side.

That's not to say Charlie's has stuck to standard toppings only. Conventional pizza rules don't apply here – there’s Thailand’s iconic soup Tom Yum set atop a crust with shrimp, mushrooms pickled red pepper and a sour tom yum sauce, and Butter Chicken, which is exactly how it sounds, the beloved Indian comfort dish on a pizza. If you're a morning pizza person, there's even a breakfast one combining a trifecta of fried egg, avocado and sausage on a tomato sauce, pesto and roasted garlic cream base.

Photograph: Rupert Hohwieler (Breakfast)

As far as culinary pairings go, topping beer and pizza is hard to nearly impossible in our book and Charlie’s has that well sorted out. You can grab beers straight from fridge or on tap, which will have 14 to choose from starting in February including a link up with Beijing craft brewery Great Leap Brewing. There's also laundry list of affordably priced cocktails and if you're really going big, three litre towers of things like tequila sunrise and sangria.

Lastly, to answer that pressing question: yes, the pizzas are on all waimai platforms. And honestly the timing couldn’t be better for a hungover day like tomorrow.

Charlie's, 1101 Wuding Lu, near Yanping Lu

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