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This weekend's modern dance festival Women In Motion looks epic

Held at West Bund Museum, the programme includes dance performances, a workshop and a panel discussion

Photograph: Anja Koehler (past performance at Centre Pompidou choreographed by Silvia Costa)
Here’s a chance to catch some great contemporary dance inside a museum. Women In Motion, a three-day festival first launched by French luxury group Kering (think brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga) in 2015 at the Festival de Cannes, champions women in the fields of culture and the arts and it's coming to Shanghai next week – this time, with a focus on female choreographers.

Part of Centre Pompidou x WBM project, the programme will include dance performances, a workshop and a panel discussion from Friday 22 to Sunday 24.

French choreographer Mathilde Monnier will be performing a new rendition of her 2004 work ‘Publique’ via video in France, together with co-founder and artistic director of TAO Dance Theatre, Duan Ni at West Bund Museum. The original piece saw half a dozen dancers in two groups – some dancing as if they were in public spaces (a stage, a nightclub or a concert for example) while the others in private spaces – all to the music of the British singer-songwriter PJ Harvey.

Photographs: Marielle Rossignol (Mathilde Monnier); Fan Xi (Duan Ni); Duan Wei (Shi Jingxin) from left to right

For those into Chinese contemporary dance, artistic director of XIN-ART-LAB, Shi Jingxin will carry out her choreographic work ‘Shell Act Spring Ksana’ on Saturday 23, while Duan Ni is premiering her solo piece ‘The Portrait of the Crowd’ on Sunday 24. Duan is also hosting a dance workshop on Friday 23 which is already sold out, but tickets for the panel discussion and other performances are fortunately still available.

Click here to register for the panel and performances.

Venue details: West Bund Museum, 2600 Longteng Dadao, near Longlan Lu.

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