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Learn everything you need to know about going zero waste at this new workshop series

If you’ve ever wondered if individual actions can actually make a difference, this series is for you

Photograph: Laura Mitulla via Unsplash
The compulsory rubbish-sorting policy has been in effect in Shanghai for more than six months now. If there’s anything the policy has changed our daily life in Shanghai, it’s that we’re starting to pay more attention to the things we throw in the bin. But the Shanghai-based sustainability- and environment-focused start-up Zer'0 Waste Shanghai wants you to stay ahead of the game – how about not throwing away any rubbish at all?

Starting this Wednesday 15 and one Wednesday every month for the rest of 2020, the organisation will host a total of 12 talks on living a zero-waste lifestyle. Far from normal lectures, the talks will be accompanied by panel discussions, guest speakers, live art performances, games, films and tips on how to start the lifestyle right away.

Photographs: Yu Zhiming

The first talk (Wed 15) will be led by the founder of Zer'0 Waste Shanghai Alizée Buysschaert at theDesk. Inspired by her personal experience of switching to a zero-waste lifestyle, the talk aims to demystify the movement. Apart from answering the usual ‘what and how’, it will also try to break through some of the misconceptions around the movement, followed by a free discussion on a clip from the 2009 documentary No Impact Man. There will be a drawing performance by artist Zovi Weng and a zero-waste party with some salsa-dancing involved to celebrate the Chinese New Year – purchase your tickets here.


Talks in the following months will focus on how organisations and companies can benefit if they opt for zero waste and even the possibility of building zero-waste cities in the future. While it’s almost impossible to achieve 100 percent zero waste living in a city that prioritises efficiency and convenience, the Zer’0 Waste Talk Series will for sure make you think twice the next time you want to throw something away.

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