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These Shanghai streets are being left unswept so we can soak up autumnal scenes

The fall foliage never looked so good...

Photograph: courtesy Greg Shield via Unsplash

We only get a brief autumn in Shanghai, but our leafy streets and tree-lined boulevards turning all kinds of orange-brown hues make it an especially pretty one. The municipal government seems to think so too and has announced that it will not be sweeping up the leaves on certain streets around the city for a couple of weeks so that we can soak up the autumnal scenes.

A total of 41 roads have made the cut, the full list of which you can find – with dates they'll be left in all their fall glory, complete with a bit of landscaping – on the official government WeChat platform Shanghai Fabu.

Here are some of our highlights (queue Moments and Insta-feeds taken over by Shanghai's streets...):

November 20-December 20

Yuyuan Lu, between Zhenning Lu and Dingxi Lu

Xinhua Lu, between Huaihai Xi Lu and Kaixuan Lu

December 1-15

Julu Lu, between Changshu Lu and Fumin Lu

December 1-20

Sinan Lu, between Fuxing Zhong Lu and Jianguo Zhong Lu

December 1-31

Fuxing Xi Lu, between Wukang Lu and Yongfu Lu

Yongfu Lu, Fuxing Xi Lu and Hunan Lu

Take a look at the full lineup of leafy streets and dates here. Happy strolling!