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It's your last chance to catch Unravel's first multimedia show

The exhibition at Xime celebrates humanity, the power of sharing through stories and the strength of community

Photographs: Alejandro Scott, courtesy Unravel
Reflecting on a year that tested us more than most, live storytelling platform Unravel rounded off 2020 by launching its first multimedia show – a collection of portraits of former Unravel storytellers taken by Chilean artist Alejandro Scott along with audio recordings of their stories, all of which are linked by the exhibition's titular theme: Resilience.


The exhibition, which runs through this Friday (January 15) at Xime, features eight stories picked from different live shows over the past three years that explore everything from continuing life after loss to overcoming prejudices to navigating everyday challenges. They're about overcoming adversity, injecting a bit of hope (and often humour) into what has been a hard time for people everywhere.

As Unravel's founder Clara Davis puts it, '2020 asked a lot of all of us, and the resilience found, sharpened or illuminated within all of us was something we wanted to highlight as we closed out the year. We love finding new ways to share and make space for stories and we hope the exhibition offers the community the chance to reflect on and celebrate the power of story and the resilience of the human spirit, despite the odds or obstacles.'


If you're looking for those warm fuzzy feels this cold, cold January, swing by Xime during the usual opening hours (11.30am-3pm, 5.30-8pm), grab a bite to eat and settle in for some real-life stories that celebrate humanity, the power of sharing stories and the strength of community.