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Passengers can now use facial recognition to check in at 200 Chinese airports

You can now get a boarding pass without reaching for your physical ID card

Photograph: chuttersnap via Unsplash
New tech at hundreds of airports around the country is saving passengers the hassle of fishing ID cards out of wallets at check-in. According to the South China Morning Post, as of last week, Chinese citizens with second-generation ID documents who have fingerprints already registered can check in for flights and receive boarding passes simply by having their faces scanned.

With the opening of the Beijing Daxing International Airport later this month, China Eastern Airlines will roll out a system that implements the massive new airport’s 5G network, and will soon be launched in Shanghai and across the country according to SHINE.

As part of the system, procedures including the purchase of tickets, passenger and luggage check-in and security screening can all be completed using facial recognition tech. Passengers will also be able to check information regarding their flights by scanning their faces at kiosks around the airport. Even cooler, staff at the Shanghai-based carrier’s VIP lounge will be able to check passengers' identity and flight information through augmented reality glasses that can scan passengers' faces.

Convenience like this doesn’t come without a few setbacks, though – recently one woman faced (no pun intended) issues with facial recognition payments and while at her office check-in after having a nose job.

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