Time Out Hongbao 2022: 2 bottles of Lillet

An aperitif for when you don’t want to leave home? Yes, please

Design: Haiyin
Chinese New Year is less than two weeks away, and as every year, we’re putting great prizes from our partners and sponsors up for grabs during our Time Out Hongbao 2022. Why? Because we love you (and because everyone loves prizes).

And in a twist, we’re kicking off the Time Out Hongbao before the holiday starts – just a little something to see you through that last stretch.

Now, here’s the good stuff: We’ve got four bottles of Lillet to give away to two lucky readers (two bottles each). For details on how to win, scroll down.


First, a little background about Lillet: the classic French aromatised wine aperitif hails from Bordeaux, France. Founded by brothers Paul and Raymond Lillet in 1872 in the small village of Podensac, the aperitif can now be found in more than 50 countries around the world.

With aromas of candied oranges, honey and exotic fruits, Lillet is a wine fortified lightly with quinine and infused with sweet and bitter oranges. Crisp and floral with a botanical finish, the fresh, aromatic aperitif can be enjoyed chilled on its own, as a spritz with tonic or soda, or mixed into cocktails.


How to enter for a chance to win

Scan the QR code above to follow the official Time Out Shanghai WeChat account (ID: timeoutshanghaieng) and send us a message saying ‘I want to win: aperitif’ with your WeChat ID by 6pm on Saturday 22.