5 easy tips on how to keep stylish & warm this Shanghai winter

Gear up! Cold air incoming...

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By Perpetua Mbali

Thinking about how to layer up for winter can be almost as dull and gloomy as the cold weather that ushers in frosts of concern about your sense of style. Here’s some good news; gearing up for the cold doesn’t have to come at the cost of freezing your sass! There’s an array of ways to remain fashionably on point without shivering your knickers off! We’ve got you covered with some useful tips on how to boost your style this winter!

1. Basics First

1 Basics - Image Collage Created on Canva Pro
Photographs (from left to right): AlenA Shekhovatsova from capture now. GoodlifeStudio from Getty Images Signature. Istockphotoluis Getty Images Signature. NeonShot from Getty Images. Collage made by Perpetua Mbali via Canva Pro.

Every closet-house needs a strong foundation. There are foundational essentials that we should acquire in neutral winter colors, and are a must-have for all humans who experience Shanghai winters. These essentials include: sweaters & sweat pants, at least one statement coat, casual coat/jacket, winter boots, classic blazer, knitwear, long sleeved tops, leggings, thick stockings, beanies & scarves, long chinos and cardigans. From this base we can then proceed to build style, which is how, why and when we put our basic items together.

1. Basics - Store Image of Capsule by Juliette
Photograph: courtesy Capsule by Juliette

For a dose of winter essentials, visit French Fashion Brand Capsule by Juliette who pride themselves on their sense of effortless chic with a French twist. Their garments are made from natural fabrics only. They have recently launched a new knitwear range worth checking out.

CAPSULE by JULIETTE, 228 Anfu Lu. Go to www.capsulebyjuliette.com for more details.

2. De-clutter & Hire a Pro

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If you haven’t worn it in a year or more, give it away why don’t you! Someone else might have better and more frequent use for it. De-cluttering your winter clothes creates room for you to realize what you have too much of, and it also makes room for new acquisitions.

Speaking of new acquisitions, many of us don’t even know where to start once we have the basics. If you’ve deemed yourself somewhat clueless about how to improve your personal winter style, you may want to consider professional assistance. Sometimes you just need a few good one-on-one style coaching sessions to get on the right trend-track. The good news is there are expert stylists right under your nose!

Personal Stylist - This is Florence Guillot
Photograph: courtesy Florence Guillot

Florence Guillot is one such expert who has earned a much-celebrated reputation in Shanghai’s fashion scene. Not only can she revolutionize your style but she can also help you de-clutter! As a seasoned personal stylist, Florence has a passion for bringing out the U in unique. Florence won’t just help you create the perfect wardrobe, she’ll aid in transforming you into new versions of your fabulous self. Her bespoke expertise leaves her clients coming back for more.

@guillotflorence on Instagram

3. Be More Daring & Play with Color

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Photographs (from left to right): Lambada from Getty Images Signature. Ksenia Chernaya from Studio Russia. Shotprime Studio via Canva Pro. Metechan Demirkaya from Pexels. Collage created by Perpetua Mbali via Canva Pro.

When it comes to winter fashion it’s very tempting to take the conventional route and stick to following the staple winter fashion diet of greys and nudes, granted we all need a good dose of style stability. However, incorporating some colorful statement pieces to your current closet is often the revival it needs. Whether it’s a bright yellow coat or a splash of floral or multi-colored geometric patterns, simple bursts of color can take your look from breathless to breathtaking in a breeze. Be bold and try something new!

Kharding Classics Image 2 Showing more range
Photograph: courtesy Kharding Classics

For unconventional winter style options with an African touch, be sure to check out Kharding Classics. The brand with Ghanaian roots has been around since 2020 and has grown in popularity amongst urban trendsetters for its authentic smart casual ranges, suits and abstract colorful denims.

Kharding Classics, 1033 Kangding Lu. On Sundays (by appointment only). @khardingclassics on Instagram

4. Accessories Make the Look

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Photographs (from left to right): YuryGulakov from Getty Images. Olena Rudo via Canva Pro. Oceane2508 from Getty Images. Ronstik from Getty Images. Collage created by Perpetua Mbali via Canva Pro.

One cannot underplay the vital role that accessories play in adding not only variance but also expression to the day’s look, be it a casual or slightly more upscale affair. The right scarf, a pair of gloves, belt, bag or a simple hat may just save the day! When selecting your winter accessories, of course have your neutrals intact (black, grey, brown, white and navy), but remember to add in some bright fun or daring options for the days when your mood needs a “face lift”, and as Shanghai winters go, those days won’t be few or sparse.

MuMu Accessories Mini bag_photo JCR_model Farrah (1)
Photograph: courtesy Maison Mumu

For your winter accessory needs, swing by Maison MuMu. Maison MuMu is a French accessory brand offering a broad selection of hand-made accessories, created with only high-quality fabrics. In keeping with sustainable fashion practices, most of Maison MuMu’s creations are crafted from recycled materials.

Mumu Accessories phone pouch_photographer曾维平_model Siwei
Photograph: courtesy Maison Mumu

Maison Mumu, House 5, 228 Anfu Lu. @maisonmumu on Instagram

5. Jackets Jackets Jackets

5 Jackets - Image Collage Created on Canva Pro
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“A jacket a day keeps the cold away”, said absolutely everyone living in Shanghai this winter! Having jackets in different styles will work in your favor, giving you just enough suitable selections for both work and play. Here are 2 jacket styles you should consider adding to your current collection:

The Parka Jacket: This is a classic staple winter jacket made to keep the cold from seeping in. They’re often made with a few layers of lining, an insulator and a waterproof exterior for those rainy days.

The Denim Jacket: Contrary to popular belief, denim jackets are a definite yes for winter; the trick is to work them correctly. If your denim jacket is not padded on the inside the best way to wear it is to wear layers underneath it. Alternatively get yourself the cozy padded versions.

In the words of fashion lord Yves Saint Laurent – “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Let’s not use winter as an excuse to slack on style, have fun with it and stay warm and stunning this Shanghai winter!

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