4 must-have household accessories to acquire in the new year

From statement furniture and vintage accessories to gadgets and more, here's what you can pick up for your home!

By Michaela F

Photograph: Pickawood via Unsplash.com

The start of a new year often comes with a renewed sense of motivation and the desire to make positive changes in our lives. One simple way to enhance your daily routine is to invest in some household items that can make a big impact. From statement furniture and vintage accessories to gadgets and more, here’s what you can pick up to bring a touch of comfort and convenience to your home.

WHY essential oils? Whether you’re looking to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, elevate your mood or simply enjoy a soothing atmosphere with the help of a pleasant aroma, purchasing essential oils for your diffuser is a must. Depending on the type of essential oil that you select, each one has its own unique properties and fragrances to generate the type of ambiance you’re looking for.

Photograph: Mareefe via Pexels.com

WHERE to buy? Visit newly-opened lifestyle shop Kop & Kande at the Jing An Kerry Centre! Kop & Kande is a home furnishing retail brand from Denmark that focuses on showcasing their interpretation of the meaning of gifts in human relationships and living spaces.

Photograph: courtesy Kop & Kande

WHAT to look for? Look out for Skandinavisk, a brand not only sharing their love for Scandinavia but also for the planet showcased through products designed to be refilled or repurposed. Their essential oil blends come already paired with glass vase reed diffusers in a range of scents: “Freedom to Roam” (heather, thyme, ground berries and leaf sap); “Floral Sanctuary” (alba rose and elderflower; geranium and blackcurrant buds); “Tranquility” (cut grass and fallen leaves, cucumber and wild violets) and many more.

Kop & Kande, B1-22, Jing An Kerry Centre South Block, 1218 Yan'an Zhong Lu. Mon-Sun 10am-8pm.

Photograph: RODNAE Productions via Pexels.com

WHY art?Purchasing artwork for your home has many benefits. First, it can add visual interest and beauty to your living space, ultimately making it even more of a pleasant and enjoyable room to spend time in. Second, owning art can be a form of self-expression; it reflects your personal tastes and interests. While you could opt for valuable pieces as a form of investment, purchasing art from emerging or local artists can also support the art community in the city and contribute to the cultural economy.

Photograph: Michaela F (Foo'Mart)

WHERE to buy? Head on over to the newly-opened Foo’Mart in Xujiahui! Spanning two floors within the Zikawei Library, you’ll want to head down towards B1 level to explore the creative retail space now open to visitors. Within it, you’ll find an intriguing collection of homeware items and accessories from over 30 domestic and independent design brands, as well as craft areas for some DIY fun!

Photograph: Michaela F (Foo'Mart)

WHAT to look for? If you’re looking for artwork that will spark conversation alongside serving as a memento of your time in China, you’ll want to check out the gallery display featuring a selection of vibrant artwork that pays tribute to Shanghai and Chinese culture—The Shanghairen (268 RMB each). Reflecting the artistic essence of “The New Yorker”, “The Parisian” and others, The Shanghairen is a collaborative project that gathers together dozens of both established and emerging artists and illustrators, and offers them a platform to express their visualisations of the city.

Photograph: Michaela F (The Shanghairen, Foo'Mart)

If you love mixing and matching different pieces together in your home to form a gallery wall unique to you, you could also pick up a couple of Shanghai Tiles depicting your favourite landmarks in the city to hang in your home, too (488 RMB each).

Photograph: Michaela F (Shanghai Tiles, Foo'Mart)

Foo'Mart, B1, Zikawei Library, 158 Caoxi Bei Lu. Mon-Sun 9am-8pm.

WHY ultrasonic diffusers? Diffusing essential oils has become a popular method of promoting wellness and relaxation in homes and workplaces. With the rise in popularity of essential oils, diffusers have become a staple in many households. While traditional diffusers require water, a new type of diffuser has emerged on the market: the ultrasonic diffuser. Why? Because it requires less maintenance and the purity of the oil used is maintained—meaning better intensity and duration of the scent!

Photograph: volant via Unsplash.com

WHERE to buy? Make your way to the newly-opened hAo mArket branch on Taojiang Lu. This exciting retail space houses a wide array of brands to shop from and whether you’re purchasing a gift for a friend or something for your own home, you’ll find intriguing options here.

Photograph: Michaela F (hAo mArket)

WHAT to look for? Regarded as portable diffusers for the modern home, the SEASONS ultrasonic oil diffuser is what you want to look out for. Striking a wonderful balance between technology and aesthetics, SEASONS have created a range of diffusers that not only look good, but operate on an ultrasonic basis, too—no water or heat needed! Just fill the empty glass bottle with your favourite oil and let the magic unfold. What’s more, with varying models offering an optional charging dock and premium leather carrying strap, you can also be on the go while enjoying your favourite scents.

Photograph: courtesy SEASONS

hAo mArket, 8 Taojiang Lu. Mon-Sun 11am-8pm.

WHY designer homeware? Designer homeware adds personality and charm to your home, creating a one-of-a-kind ambiance. Not only can unique finds reflect your personal style, but they also offer a playful touch to any living space. Whether you choose to add a pop of whimsy with small décor accents or make a statement with larger statement pieces like bold furniture or statement rugs, investing in quirky designer homeware will elevate your space and showcase your individuality.

Photograph: via @redzepi_sh on Instagram

WHERE to buy? Redzepi, a 1000-sqm treasure trove of quirky designer homeware and décor from all over the world. Offering a broad variety of items and styles, you’re sure to find a statement piece that matches your individual style.

Photograph: via @redzepi_sh on Instagram

WHAT to look for? Here you’ll find a curated selection of unique pieces that are not only visually striking, but also functional. From handcrafted ceramics in vibrant colours and patterns to modern lighting fixtures and sculptural furniture pieces, whatever you choose is sure to make a statement in your home. Want to add a bit of 60s groove to your living room with the addition of a lava lamp? Done. Looking for unique tableware and household accessories for your dining space? You got it. On the hunt for porcelain Chinese vases featuring delicate watercolour paintings? No problem!

Redzepi, B1, 1590 Kangding Lu. Mon-Sun 9:30am-6pm.

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