9 animal welfare organizations in Shanghai

Help a furry friend in need!

By Mike Finck

Photograph: courtesy Eleventh Hour Rescues

Worried about the welfare of our fair city’s animal population? Well, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re already deeply involved helping animals in need, casually curious about learning how to help, or just have some extra time or resources to donate to the cause, these 9 organizations are on the ground improving the lives of animals in and around Shanghai right now.

Second Chance Animal Aid

Photograph: courtesy SCAA (cats Abby and Rafi)

The oldest group running on this list, SCAA has been in operation since 2005. Not only do they arrange adoption and foster services, but they also specialise in education about licensing, healthcare, and import-export of your fuzzy little buddies in Chinese and English. They are always looking for adopters, foster families, and accepting financial donations. To find yourself a new family member, get informed, or help them in their mission, get in touch!

WeChat official: SCAAShanghai
Email: director@scaashanghai.org

Eleventh Hour Rescues

Photographs: courtesy Eleventh Hour Rescues

Started in 2018 by Nid Nair upon learning about the imminent euthanization of several dogs, Eleventh Hour Rescues Shanghai has grown into a core team of about 10 people with the aim of empowering others to work towards rescuing animals. Eleventh Hour Rescues Shanghai is a purely foster-based organization, so they don’t have their own space. They help animals in need get necessary treatments and often will have to board them for a while before a suitable foster family comes along. For anyone interested in taking in an animal in need, learning about taking your animals abroad, making a donation, or learning more, reach out to the official account or Nid personally.


WeChat official: EleventhHourRescues
WeChat contact: ehrs_2018 / nid09_11

Best Friends China

A volunteer group with no financial support, Best Friends China has been promoting animal adoption since 2013. Previously focused on in-person adoption events, BFC has transitioned its work into a WeChat mini program which acts as an adoption self-help program. The platform allows individual rescuers and adopters to connect and work together to find a good fit. Adopters can search for animals based on size, color, age, distance etc. and give the pet of their dreams a forever home. Enter their mini program to find your new best friend!

WeChat mini program: BFC官方公益平台
WeChat official: BFC一路有你
WeChat contact: bestfriendschina

107 Stray Animal Shelter

Photograph: courtesy 107 Stray Animal Shelter

This non-profit animal rescue group was founded in 2011 to give rescued animals a “temporary, safe, and loving home” while they wait to be adopted. In that time they have saved about a hundred cats and dogs, with another 80 currently staying at the shelter. The challenge, however, is that many of the animals are old or disabled and struggle to find their forever homes. 107 is happy to receive inquiries about adoption, as well as donations of money or pet food. You can help now!

WeChat official: 107宠物空间 ScoopOfficer
WeChat contact: jings_ruan

Furry Friends

Photograph: courtesy Furry Friends

Furry Friends is a larger organization established in 2016 who aims to “rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome strays.” Their work involves many people in the care of over 150 animals currently and have rescued more than 1200 since they began, accepting support in the form of donations and volunteering. If you are interested in fostering, adopting, fundraising, or volunteering, you can find them on WeChat, Weibo, and Douyin. They believe “all animals deserve a chance to live and be loved” and we do too!

WeChat official: FurryFriends
WeChat contact: rosexuqi
Weibo and Douyin: FurryFriends毛茸茸


Photographs: courtesy NekoShelter

A private shelter helping more than 600 animals since their inception in 2020, NekoShelter is focused on rehoming animals in need. This year, their work has slowed down due to complications regarding the lockdown, but while they’ve reduced the number of spaces in their shelter they are still rescuing 2-5 animals a month. According to Angel, NekoShelter is always on the look out for volunteers, fosters, adopters, event planners, and donations.


WeChat contact: nekoshelter
WeChat video channel: NekoShelter
Xiaohongshu: Neko Shelter

Magie's Shelter

Photograph: courtesy Magie's Shelter

From the first shelter with a dozen animals in 2014 to the current 3 shelters with more than 500 dogs and almost 400 cats, Magie’s Shelter has 8 years of hard work and loving care behind them. In the beginning, Magie would see stray animals on the way to work and began saving them without hesitation. Soon after, with some friends, Magie’s Shelter was created. In October of last year they were reported to the police for having a shelter and were forced to move. Now they have a new warehouse in nearby Jiangsu, and total expenses range around 70 to 80 thousand RMB monthly. They are always looking for high-quality adopters, people to promote them on WeChat, and donations.

WeChat official: Magie的小动物救助基地
WeChat contact: a33455666

The Haven

Poster: courtesy The Haven

Similar to Eleventh Hour, The Haven came into being after hearing about the imminent euthanizzation of a group of dogs in 2017. From there the group grew and within several months they knew they needed to start a shelter. They followed up on an opportunity to buy an old sheep farm and now they have The Haven in it’s current state: 250 sqm of indoor kennels, 2000 sqm of outdoor yard, 3 full-time staff, and over 500 dogs. They are always looking for support in any form. From running the shelter, organizing events, finding fosters and adopters, to volunteering, opportunities to give your support abound!

WeChat contact: thehavensh
Facebook: @The haven
Instagram: @thehavensh

The Someone

Photograph: courtesy The Someone

A newer addition to the animal rescue scene, The Someone is a non-profit, all-breed, no-kill dog rescue team that started in 2020. To date, they have rescued over 200 animals and found them forever homes. They board the animals until fosters or adopters can be found for them. They are on the lookout for volunteers, foster families, and people to adopt these cuddle buddies without a home.

WeChat official: THE SOMEONE 动物救助所
WeChat contact: yuhan_hh777

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