Day Trip: Shanghai Sculpture Park

Man-made beach and water park in Songjiang district

It’s 120RMB to get into Shanghai Sculpture Park, which seems excessive for a park. But if you come for a day – and there’s enough to keep you here that long – it starts to seem better value. Not only does that entrance fee include a drink from the surprisingly good Cantonese Selene Restaurant on the lake, but it also keeps crowds to a minimum, even at peak times.

Shanghai Sculpture Park's man-made beach

That means you’re free to lounge on the picnic-perfect grassy areas, wander through the miniature wooded hill and sun yourself on the man-made beach in relative peace. For a change of pace, there’s also the Fuma Fuma Dome (a large inflatable mound to jump around on); water zorbing (from 20RMB); a large pool for kids; and boats for rent on the lake (from 30RMB/half an hour).


Get there

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Shanghai Sculpture Park is beside Happy Valley and a 10RMB motocab from Sheshan metro station on Line 9.

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