5 acts to see at this year's Shalanaya music festival

Five DJs you'd be silly to miss

According to conspiracy theorists and alien loonies on the interwebs, the Shalanaya (also known as the The Yahel) are a highly evolved species of extraterrestrial hybrid-humans that radiate positivity and will someday rule our planet. Still, better than Trump, right?

Shalanaya Music Festival will return on October 3-5 for its fifth year to the shores Dianshan Lake for three days of trance music, hypnotic energy and possible alien contact (no guarantees) in the spirit of our hypothetical moon conquerors.

With three stages to choose from, finding the best performances will be no easy task. But fear not, for you won’t need special alien goggles to find your way around – here are five acts from this year’s lineup not to miss.

Middle Mode


Previously war-torn Serbia is undergoing a psytrance renaissance and has manufactured some of the best underground DJs. At the centre of it all is Middle Mode, who seamlessly shapes heavy bases and sharp melodies into spellbinding tunes. Two of their most popular tracks, 'New Dawn' and 'Africa', bear an explosive energy that is worthy of donning your best dancing shoes for.

Devon Sūn


Alternating between Asia and North America, DJ Devon Sūn mixes funk and soul with tropical sounds magnified by incendiary basses. With ten years of musical experience under his belt, Sūn describes his style as 'organic' and 'tribal', which sounds ambiguous but might make sense when you listen to his tracks such as 'We Are Partying With Axel F's VIP Internet Friends Until We Die' (both an earful and a mouthful, but in a good way).

DJ Fane


When it comes to grime and staying loyal to your musical roots, DJ Fane is king of kings. Hailing from Romania, Fane a.k.a. skratch'n’bass has been spinning records manually in his living room since the ‘90s. With a range of sounds from minimal to bang-your-head-against-the-nearest-wall hard techno, his experience and variety make his sets a unique addition to the festival.

Sarah Mou


One of Shalanaya’s founders, Blayne, brought this music festival to China because he believed that Shanghai had spark but lacked 'soul'. Sarah Mou, a Moroccan singer who incorporates Berber sounds to popular music, has a distinctly soothing sound that will bring just that. Along with her band the Thundersouls, Mou will bring people together at the Ambient stage.

Bone Lhamo Kyat


When you’re ready to unwind from the masses, reach for your deepest inner chi and let Bone Kyat’s so-called 'world-healing music' wash over you. While we’re not entirely sure how his music will manage to cure the world’s ills, the Gansu native summons nature through suave vocals and indigenous woodwinds to create a mesmerizing sound unlike anything you’ve likely heard before.

Shalanaya Festival is at Dianshan Lake on from 3-5 October. Check out the full details below.