Ren Hang 2009-2011

New raw photography book from the Beijing-based artist

Girls smoking cigarettes out of their butts, men felating rolled-up towels and pissing zebras are just snapshots of what you’ll find in Beijing-based photographer Ren Hang's fleshy new book. The self-published hard-back retrospective includes several photos taken in Shanghai, such as those of Duck Fight Goose members SanSan and Damen (below top).

Ren's raw depictions of sensuality, youth and freedom are reminiscent of Nan Goldin in the early 1980s, and are just as unaffected – Ren once told Time Out his photos 'contain no meaning whatsoever'. Delve in and you may feel differently. One thing's certain: you'll never look at red lipstick in the same way again.

Ren Hang 2009-2011 is available from Taobao for 380RMB.

See more pictures below.