The shortlist: New Restaurant of the Year

The shortlist for Time Out's Love Shanghai Awards 2016

We love Shanghai. And with top-notch cocktail bars, off-the-hook restaurants and fabulous nights out hitting the tiles, how could you not? Here's this year's shortlist, with nominees hand-picked by our editors, for the Time Out Love Shanghai Awards 2016. Want to spread the love? Click here to vote for your city favourites – shortlisted or not!

The shortlist

Alan Wong's Shanghai

Alan Wong’s Shanghai outpost has been a long time in the making – it was originally supposed to be ready by the middle of last year. Despite delays, it finally opened (well, following Shanghai protocol, ‘soft opened’) in early January. Wong is a huge deal in the US, having been inducted into ...

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1376 Nanjing Xi Lu

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Joël Robuchon is more or less a culinary god. With Michelin-starred restaurants spanning the globe and awards including Chef of the Year in 1987 and Chef of the Century in 1990 under his belt, his first foray into Mainland China was hotly anticipated, only heightened by the fact that the ...

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18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu


Think ‘New Nordic Cuisine’, and it’s a slim chance that hot pink wallpaper with purple palm fronds is the decor choice that first springs to mind. Were you expecting a stark, minimalist aesthetic of clean lines and spindly branches to fit your narrow – dare we say limited – conception of a ...

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225 Xikang Lu
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Raw Eatery And Wood Grill

Don’t go to Raw Eatery and Wood Grill if you’re after foams or sauce smears. This newcomer is keeping things simple by focusing on fresh ingredients prepared or cooked in a way that best preserves their natural flavour. The result is honest and hearty food, and dishes that are easy to enjoy. ...

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98 Yanping LuOnline booking


Settling into Sabor feels like you’ve arrived for a long weekend at your cool, eccentric, (and very wealthy) young Spanish uncle’s holiday home. Casual but opulent, the space is cavernous. Built-in bookshelves with curios run the length of the wall, teal and purple plush curtains hang from the ...

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33 Sichuan Zhong Lu

Thought for Food

Having been in soft opening since late last year, Thought for Food have now launched their seasonal menu from newly appointed Executive Chef Alexander Bitterling, in conjunction with a team of certified nutritionists. The menu here is separated by size – small, main, large and sides – and ...

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357 Jianguo Xi RoadOnline booking

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