IPL ACE hair removal at Strip

Semi-permanent hair removal with stretch marks and dark spots reduction

Introduced just in time for swimsuit season, Strip’s new IPL ACE treatment claims to not only limit hair growth, but also reduce stretch marks, dark spots and fine lines by using a gentle heat to encourage collagen levels in the skin.

For our underarm treatment, we’re advised to arrive with a few days hair growth, which is promptly shaved off by our therapist. Once we’re settled she wheels out the hulking white IPL ACE machine, which wouldn’t look out of place in the TARDIS.

Before the treatment starts we’re given a pair of industrial-looking glasses to protect against the light bursts, which doesn’t shake that Dr Who notion much. Yet despite our hesitation, it’s pain free, with merely a slight warming sensation.

Halfway through, we’re handed a mirror to compare the difference. While we were initially skeptical, our skin tone looks notably more even: dark spots from ingrown hairs have vanished and overall our skin appears brighter and smoother.

Afterwards, we’re warned that we will experience ‘shedding’ of old hairs and sure enough, three days later we’re forced to reach for the razor again. However, after a few days we notice each level of regrowth is reduced with long stretches where we are almost hair-free and our skin tone still looks even and brighter overall.

Strip estimate most people will need between 6-10 sessions in order to see the full effect and with sessions from 1, 485RMB (underarm) to 2, 955RMB (Brazilian) it isn’t cheap. But given claims that there will be an up to 80 per cent reduction in all hair growth while getting brighter, clearer skin in the process, it would sure save a lot of time and future waxing bills.