6 great places to play football in Shanghai

From a casual kickabout to big stadium shootouts, we've got you covered

Shanghai may be a concrete jungle, but there are plenty of places to play football hidden around the city. Here are some of our favourites.

Shanghai Community Sports Club

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This club is located in an idyllic suburban area at the north-east of Shanghai, and has a clubhouse right next to the playing fields where you can chill out and order some BBQ food or pizza. With four astroturf pitches and four well-maintained grass fields, you won’t have any problems organising either 5-a-side, 7-a-side or 11-a-side. However it's best to head down in the week as we were told that weekends are booked up for the foreseeable. On the plus side, the astroturf pitches are less occupied and have floodlights installed for night games.

If you are without a team, send a WeChat message to Seb (wechat: SebBecker) who may be able to hook you up for matches that are usually played on Saturdays. Also, you can request for the club to charter a bus to get you there from anywhere in Shanghai – at your own cost.

Price 11 a side: Grass 2,500RMB/hour, Astroturf 2,000RMB/hour; 7 a side: Grass 1,500RMB/hour, Astroturf 1,000RMB/hour

Opening hours 9.30am-9pm daily

Shanghai Community Sports Club is at 2700 Zhang Yang Bei Lu, near Wuzhou Avenue Road, Pudong.

Bloomington Puming Lu

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Near the entrance to South Pier Binjiang Culture and Sports Leisure Park, this football field for 7-a-side is well maintained and also comes with floodlights. It's also cheaper than most other pitches we found. Important to note however is that the nearest changing rooms are at the adjacent golf course, which is a considerable distance away.

Price 7 a side: Weekends and evenings 550RMB/hour, Weekdays before evening 450RMB/hour; 5 a side: Weekends and evenings 300RMB/hour, Weekdays before evening 200RMB/hour

Opening hours 9am-10pm daily

Bloomington Pudong Lu is at 1888 Puming Lu, near Neihuangaojia Lu, Pudong.

Huangxing Sports Park

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Sitting on a corner of Huangxing Sports Park are four astroturf picthes which are suitable for 5 and 7-a-side. Each is equipped with lights for night games, and changing rooms are available. The best way to make a booking is to call in.

Price 7 a side: 700RMB/hour; 5 a side: 350RMB/hour

Opening hours 7am-10pm daily

Huangxing Sports Park is at 395 Shuangyangbei Lu, near Guoshundong Lu, Yangpu district.

Baiyangdian Football Field


This collection of football pitches is easily accessible from the nearest metro, and has a flexible operating hour schedule which means you can have a kickabout early in the morning at 6am, or a late game that ends close to midnight. The fields – four astroturfs and one grass field – are moderately well-maintained, but there are no lights around. Changing rooms are available.

Price 11 a side: 700RMB/hour; 5 a side: 350RMB/hour

Opening hours 6am-10pm daily

Baiyangpian football field is at No. 22, 4214 Zhoujiazui Lu , near Aiguo Lu, Yangpu district.

Luwan Sports Stadium

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Located in the former Luwan District, this sports stadium has a large array of facilities, and is usually packed with various events and activities. It's therefore wise to call ahead and reserve the field. The field is suitable for 7-a-sides and 11-a-sides, and comes with moderate facilities. If you are seeking a team or event to participate in, you can contact Xu Jun on 64450491 or 13817345580.

Price 11 a side: 1600RMB/hour; 7 a side: 800RMB/hour

Opening hours 9am-9pm daily

Luwan Stadium is at 128 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu, Huangpu district.

Shanghai Yuanshen Sports Stadium

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As a big stadium comprising of a field and running track situated in the heart of Pudong, the area is generally used by the public for running and brisk walking. For football games (limited to 11-a-side), reservations have to be made, and the entire stadium will then be out-of-bounds for even the occasional jogger. Lights for night games are available (the guard exclaimed that they are ‘brighter than the sun’), although they cost an additional 1000RMB per hour. Note: The field is closed during weekends and is said to be fully booked until the end of the year on weekday nights.

Price 800RMB/hour

Opening hours 7am to 10pm on weekdays

Yuanshen Stadium is at 1458 Zhangyang Lu, near Yuanshen Lu, Pudong district.

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